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34-year-old Kate Bloom, of Willoughby, has plenty of support in her journey to get healthy. She wants to get back to being the active person she was as a youngster.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Vibes

Today I had a couple of messages in my inbox on Facebook.  They were from old friends that I hadn’t spoken to in years.  They said they saw my progress in the paper and congratulated me on how well I am doing.  It was really touching.  I think everyone gets so busy with their own day to day business that we forget to touch base and connect with others.  The tiny bit of effort these ladies took to tell me that they were thinking about me, inspired me to want to reach out and support others in whatever it is they are doing.  Facebook is  an amazing  way to keep in touch.  I’m going to be sure to comment on some people’s walls to help support them.  It’s just good energy being passed back and forth and how can that be bad.  So thank you Lindsay, Carrieann, and Jennifer.  And of course thank you to all of my friends and family who are always there to support me.    


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