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34-year-old Kate Bloom, of Willoughby, has plenty of support in her journey to get healthy. She wants to get back to being the active person she was as a youngster.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Thank You Shari

I ran into my previous manager (Shari) in the locker room at work today.  She is a super health conscious women who is always so supportive.  She’s never too pushy, but always has a quick tip or a bit of advice if you’re looking for it.  It got me thinking about all of the people in my life who live healthy lives.  I draw inspiration from them and I hope to inspire someone else with my story.  For instance, my mom has always been health conscious.  She’s in her 60’s and takes two YMCA classes a day.  I’m not talking about Yoga for seniors either.  She does boot camp and every other crazy class they offer.  Then there is my dad, who told me the other day, that he has never tried sausage gravy cause he knows he’ll like it and it’s not good for him, so he’s just stayed away from it.  He is also eating a primarily vegan diet to take off a few extra pounds.  He is the slimmest I’ve ever seen him and he looks amazing.  My brother runs ultra-marathons and my sister-in-law is a yoga master.  With all of these healthy folks surrounding me, how can I possibly fail?  I suppose I am the only one that stands between me and success. 


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